Pure Cantonese

Ripples of Yuet music

Listen the elegant pronunciation of Cantonese, the pure nature sounds of the language, realise the charm of the true pronunciation of pure Cantonese words from the several songs of Hong Kong cantopop musicians:
Mr. 許冠傑/Samuel Hui Koon-Kit,
Mr. 陳百強/Danny Chan Pak-keung.

cantonese is music,
the nature of kind people,
soothing sounds still there,
wonderful rhythm exudes charming aura,
sounds of memories, ripples in the lake of heart,
beautiful forever, beyond times.

The music here were made from people who have a kind, gentle and pure heart, because here have no enough space to upload more songs from them, but you can enjoy more from Mr. 許冠傑/Samuel Hui and Mr. 陳百強/Danny Chan by email your request. You should listen the operas and the songs and study the lyrics from Mr. 尹光/Wan Kwong if you want to learn the true Cantonese words and pure pronunciation of Cantonese.

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